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APART Audio PA2240BP 2 x 240W / 100V

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APART Audio PA2240BP 2 x 240W / 100V
APART Audio PA2240BP 2 x 240W / 100V
APART Audio PA2240BP 2 x 240W / 100V
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2-channel 100 volt power amplifier
APart audio PA2240BP, 2 channel 100 volt amplifier

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The Apart PA2240BP is a bridgeable and fully equipped 2 channel 100 Volt power amplifier. Without a doubt this amplifier is extremely versatile and can be used in all your big 100 Volt projects.

The amplifier can be used as a double channel amplifier of 2 x 240 Watts in 100 Volt or it can be bridged into a 1 x 480 Watt power amplifier in 100 Volt. Both channels have a program and priority input with independent gain control. The priority input can be activated by contact closure and as soon as this contact is closed, 24V output power becomes available (e.g. can be used to switch the relay of a volume control). Both channels of the amplifier have bass and treble tone control.

The PA2240BP operates on 230V AC and 24V DC, what makes him excel other power amplifiers. In this way the unit can easily be used in evacuation systems compliant to the EN60849 regulation.

As all the controls of the PA2240BP are located at the back pannel, changes of the amplifier's settings by unauthorised or unqualified people will most likely be prevented.

As reliability is extremely important in the install and conrtactor audio market, our R&D department has spent a lot of time on this issue. The use of quality components and the built in dynamic limiter at -3dB certainly contributes to increased reliability.

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